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The content in this sites was created with care. We are not responsible for the precision, veracity, integrity and present of the content. As web site operators we are resposible of the own content in this sites. As web site operators we are not responsible for the transmission or accumulation of information for control or evaluation of circumstances related with illegal acts. The responsibility of removing or blocking content stay but the responsibility of removing or blocking content begin with the information of hurting any kind of right. Our responsibility is limited to remove the content direct after being informed of any kind of right wound.

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Our sites offer content with links that connect with other third party sites wich are not under our influence. We are not responsible for the content offered by third party sites reached with the links present in our sites. The responsible for this content is the responsilbe entity of the site reached it self. The sites conected by links in our sites will be checked in search for rights wounds. In the moment of the linking were no wounds recognized. A permanent control of the content offered by the sites reached with the links located in our sites is not possible without evidence of rights wounding. The links will be removed inmediately after receiving the information of any kind of rights wound.


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The utilization of this site is possible without personal data exchange or registration. In case we ask for your personal data as: name, adress, e-mail for example, the hand over of this information from your side is your personal decision or the personal decision of the visitor. We know that the transmission of data in internet like e-mails for example is permeable for spies, theft and it is exposed to all kind of security gaps. The responsibility and its usage is on the owner/ user/ visitor side.
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