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film director - creative director - photographer - designer - cameraman - journalist - producer - builder

Rodrigo Vazquez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He conceived his first documentary work for Amnesty International Argentina in 1990. His first advertising work was made for Félix design studio in 1994. Since then he developed further projects as professional photographer with a variety of published works as: photojournalism, essays, fashion, institutional, sports, research, art and advertising.

In a series of travels to: Antarctic, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Spain, France, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, Honduras, Italy, Panama, Poland, the United States of America, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela he developed articles, projects and personal works.




Matear for the web site project rodandoargentina con Claudio Carballo


Deutsche Multimedia Award Online Star, German New Media Award for the Ogilvy Interactive campaign IKEA's Billy 30 Birthday


International World Media Festival, Intermedia Globe Gold Award in the category Society & Social Issues for the campaign Ivory Must Become Worthless

Rodrigo currently cooperate with journalists, NGOs, communication agencies, companies, artists and independents.

Languages: spanish, english, german.